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Pressure Sand Blasters | Grit and Sand Blasting Spares

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Blast it Clean Sandblasters is under new ownership and we will shortly to be back in production of these versatile pressure sandblasters.

We have some spares in stock and will also be ordering more supplies of nozzles etc. We hope that you can be patient while we set up the necessary suppliers and get production going again. Call us on 07721 772692 to see what spares we have available or email us: and we will get back to you.

Pressure Sandblasting Equipment

The versatile portable Sandblaster designed by ACE Engineering Products is made to operate efficiently at low and high pressures.

The Classic Sandblasters are suitable for:

Restorers of cars, motorcycles, tractors &, machinery, on all panelwork, chassis, brake and suspension components, aluminium panels or castings and alloy parts. In the car workshop, this sandblasting equipment will remove paint, rust, carbon, scale, corrosion and leave an etched surface to enable a good bond between paint and metal.

Antique restorers and refinishers of wood, leather, stone, wrought iron work, statues, sculptures.

Detailed etching of glass, marble and granite using tissue, plastic or vinyl stencils.

Boat builders and shipwrights the Classic Sandblaster can clean off old bilge paint, anti-foul, wood, and wrought iron.

Different types of finishes can be achieved by varying the type and size of grit and blasting pressure. Pressure sand blasting is quicker than sanding, wire brushing, chipping, chemical cleaning on curved, concave, flat or angled surfaces, cleaning back to bright metal finish in seconds without damage or distortion.

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Now just under new ownership Blast It Clean will be back in production of the Classic Sandblaster shortly.

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